The Perfect Pregnancy Mood Booster

Posted on June 18, 2017 By

A pregnancy may last only nine months, but any mother will admit it is the longest nine months of their life. Yes, this is partly because of the anticipation of the arrival of their new baby. Even more so, it is the constant body changes and lifestyle adjustments that make it seem to never end. It is frustrating to realize that nothing in the closet or the lingerie drawer fits anymore.

A soon-to-be-mom is still just a woman that wants to feel good about herself and it is not always easy during this period of time. This is why a Monthly Maternity Box is the perfect mood booster that will provide the recipient with much more than a smile. The boxes will give them a new selection of products to help them look and feel great. It is a simple service that can make those long months a lot more enjoyable. The products are fun and useful and there is a large variety of gift items that every woman will love.

  • Vitamin B products like lip balm and lozenges help to combat morning sickness.

  • Healthy and delicious cookies for guilt-free snacking. Options include recipes perfect during pregnancy and others while lactating.
  • Creams and lotions to keep delicate skin stay soft and supple while preventing stretch marks.
  • Maternity leggings and undergarments for comfort and confidence.
  • Stylish maternity clothing perfect for all occasions and shipped according to the needs and preferences of the customer.

Each month a box is delivered that includes items specially selected by a stylist for each client. The recipients keep what they want and return the rest, free of charge. Tips and advice about using each accessory in the box are included. It ensures that every woman has fresh, stylish clothes and accessories for every stage of their pregnancy and during their postpartum period as well. Many of the items are designed for wear even after all pregnancy weight is lost. The boxes are a great shower gift for someone special or as a self-reward. Choose one box, a box every month or give a gift card so the recipient can choose what they prefer.

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